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I was told to confess. So I did.

I’m part of this *%&!($%&? writing challenge and write now I’m not so fond of Jeff Goins, the guy leading said challenge. Actually that’s not exactly true but I don’t like how uncomfortable I am with what/how he’s walking us through it. He says that’s a good thing. I know he’s write but it doesn’t mean I […]

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How Do You Train Your Dragon?

How To Train Your Dragon. The movie is chalk full of messages and life lessons … everything isn’t always as it seems. My kids now roll their eyes when I say I want to watch it for the 80th time. You’d think they’d be happy I like an animated movie, no?! Let’s look at the […]

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The Proverbial Bridge – Work It!

Bridges carry significant symbolism. They fill a gap, get you across an otherwise insurmountable body of water or mountain valley, get you from Point A to Point B, help you access remote locations that may not otherwise be available. Usually the daunting task of building a bridge – from conception to completion – spans several […]

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