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5 Words My Ex Uses to Describe Me

Let’s be clear. With any broken relationship comes some element of pain. We are created for connection, not disconnection. The story behind the breakup of my marriage is long and arduous. Some have suggested I need to write a book or screenplay, but I’m not sure I want the ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ element of my […]

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Footloose at 50 | and so it is

I dreaded it. For months. Now it’s here. I’m … g-a-g-sputter-choke … wait for it … f-f-fifty. It snuck up on me before I was even ready, dirty rotter! Trying to find some way to accept my fate, my cheesy-ness resorted to coining a unique phrase for my new ‘situation’. These tumbled through my head […]

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Don’t Let Fear Be Your Decision Maker

So I’m reading a book right now that is fantastic yet horrible at the same time. Let me rephrase that. I’m working through a book right now. Working being the key word. It’s bringing out the raw part of me that I’d like to keep hidden. One of the reasons I’m doing it is to […]

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On Love, Forgiveness and Other Crappy Lessons My Dad Taught Me

My dad recently turned 72. I still think he’s in his 40’s but I’m apparently deluded! He’s a sassy, sarcastic beast, well loved by his family and friends. His laughter and deep voice can be heard for miles – I’m sure of it! Many moments and memories flash through my mind as I try to […]

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7 Apples on a Saturday Night | Stupid is as Stupid Says

**Due to a technical glitch on my phone, this did not publish properly last night. Let’s try this again! Have you ever experienced that moment when you knew you should keep your mouth shut and didn’t? Yah, me neither. It most often happens with my kids but there have been times I’d really rather crawl in […]

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7 Apples | I Don’t Buy It – Regret is Regret

Never regret. If it’s good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s experience. ~Victoria Holt I don’t buy it. I have regrets. I’ve made choices I would like to reverse, don’t you? Can we really slough it off as ‘experience’? Sure, and hopefully we  do learn from it so as not to repeat the same mistake […]

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The Proverbial Bridge – Work It!

Bridges carry significant symbolism. They fill a gap, get you across an otherwise insurmountable body of water or mountain valley, get you from Point A to Point B, help you access remote locations that may not otherwise be available. Usually the daunting task of building a bridge – from conception to completion – spans several […]

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