What I Learned (again) From the Gold Medal Game(s)

I can get up if I want to I didn’t miss anything by going to bed early Team matters – can’t win alone Life is what you make it Getting up again is the only option Shaking off the past is crucial – don’t look back Don’t let up, give up or shut up Communicate […]

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Lessons From a Trip To (or at?) the Roller Rink

Rollerskating. When’s the last time you went? Yah, me too! Years and years and years. And some more years. We went a couple of weeks ago and by the end of the evening my face was so sore from smiling and laughing. It’s a great opportunity to laugh at yourself if you’re into that sort […]

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Don’t Let Fear Be Your Decision Maker

So I’m reading a book right now that is fantastic yet horrible at the same time. Let me rephrase that. I’m working through a book right now. Working being the key word. It’s bringing out the raw part of me that I’d like to keep hidden. One of the reasons I’m doing it is to […]

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Monday Haters – Sucks to Be You!

This is the 2nd Monday of 2014! Do you just wish it would be over so you can get on with your week? Are you one of the 50% who are late to work Monday morning? Are there things you can do to prepare differently for it besides grumbling and complaining and focusing on all […]

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How Do You Train Your Dragon?

How To Train Your Dragon. The movie is chalk full of messages and life lessons … everything isn’t always as it seems. My kids now roll their eyes when I say I want to watch it for the 80th time. You’d think they’d be happy I like an animated movie, no?! Let’s look at the […]

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7 Barriers We Create for Ourselves. Stop It Already!

Life has a special way of throwing stuff at us and it can lead to limited living. I’ve heard it said that in our 20’s we believe everything is ideal, in our 30’s it’s an ordeal and in our 40’s we want a new deal! Although I can identify with that to an extent,  it’s […]

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Choices Make Memories. And Moments. And Years.

This time of year generates all kinds of thoughts and emotions for each of us – not necessarily all good. As I watch the social network feeds fill up with, “What are you committing to for 2014” or “Take Time to Set Your Goals” etc etc, I sometimes wonder what lasting impact these moments in […]

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On Love, Forgiveness and Other Crappy Lessons My Dad Taught Me

My dad recently turned 72. I still think he’s in his 40’s but I’m apparently deluded! He’s a sassy, sarcastic beast, well loved by his family and friends. His laughter and deep voice can be heard for miles – I’m sure of it! Many moments and memories flash through my mind as I try to […]

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I Hate Ironing! And Other Leadership Lessons

I hate ironing. I abhor it. No, I don’t think you really understand. (That’s my daughter’s verbiage, because truthfully, I couldn’t possibly understand what a 15 year old might be going through.) But I digress. I have had a hate/hate relationship with ironing since the beginning of time. My clothing purchases are bought with the […]

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Life is a Highway … unless it’s washed out?

The last couple weeks have made it difficult to want to write my 7 Apples at all. What can I offer to my readers after I’ve watched my City ravaged, after all I can think about is the grief, the loss and the recovery those in my community will be faced with for months and […]

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