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Johnny 5, Hot Coals and My Brain = A Hot Mess!

A few years ago I walked across a bed of hot coals. At first I thought the idea was ludicrous, hokey and rigged somehow, so it required a couple days of solid mental re-framing in order for me to even consider doing it. But far be it from me to miss out on a dare! My pivotal […]

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My Heart Cry for Hope

I find myself sitting here with tears rolling down my cheeks as I watch some of the pre-pre-game stories before the Superbowl this afternoon. I’m not a huge football fan but I try to keep up so I can have conversations with those who are passionate about it, and I do usually watch this particular game […]

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4 Steps to Escaping an Identity Crisis

Just when I think I’m enjoying a moment of peace, this happens. I have an ‘aha’ moment. Don’t ever leave me alone for too long with just my thoughts, k?! Talking about what I identify with becomes an exposé on my life. Just as Shrek says he’s like an onion with many layers to peel back, […]

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5 Words My Ex Uses to Describe Me

Let’s be clear. With any broken relationship comes some element of pain. We are created for connection, not disconnection. The story behind the breakup of my marriage is long and arduous. Some have suggested I need to write a book or screenplay, but I’m not sure I want the ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ element of my […]

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3 Real Reasons You Suck at Life

It takes a person with great courage to look inward and figure out why life isn’t going according to plan. Maybe there’s a measure of success but you know it could be marginally better. Okay, a lot better! Circumstances can be harsh, attitudes can tank and energy can be sucked right out for a period of […]

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Don’t Let Fear Be Your Decision Maker

So I’m reading a book right now that is fantastic yet horrible at the same time. Let me rephrase that. I’m working through a book right now. Working being the key word. It’s bringing out the raw part of me that I’d like to keep hidden. One of the reasons I’m doing it is to […]

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How Do You Train Your Dragon?

How To Train Your Dragon. The movie is chalk full of messages and life lessons … everything isn’t always as it seems. My kids now roll their eyes when I say I want to watch it for the 80th time. You’d think they’d be happy I like an animated movie, no?! Let’s look at the […]

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Choices Make Memories. And Moments. And Years.

This time of year generates all kinds of thoughts and emotions for each of us – not necessarily all good. As I watch the social network feeds fill up with, “What are you committing to for 2014” or “Take Time to Set Your Goals” etc etc, I sometimes wonder what lasting impact these moments in […]

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Time Sweet Time

Have you had enough of it all – the focus we give to ‘time’? Does it seem like everywhere you turn, someone is addressing our use of it? Is it being wasted or is it being maximized? Feeling pressured to do more – or to do less – seems to be an ever-present challenge. Time […]

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Bug Soup to Butterfly, Transformation Extraordinaire

My diamond and sapphire butterfly ring was one of my prized possessions. Walking in on the cat burglar who stole it along with several other pieces of my fine jewelry rattled me, yes, but it was kind of fun to see the looks on the investigators’ faces when they responded to my 911 call, truth […]

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