Monday Haters – Sucks to Be You!

Happy MondayThis is the 2nd Monday of 2014!

Do you just wish it would be over so you can get on with your week? Are you one of the 50% who are late to work Monday morning?

Are there things you can do to prepare differently for it besides grumbling and complaining and focusing on all that’s wrong with this day of the week?

When you think about living 1/7th of your life on Mondays, you might as well make it worthwhile, right? For the die hard Monday-haters who recognize the error of their ways and want to try something new, maybe these are some quick fixes.

  • For every complaint you have about Monday, write something you’re grateful for.
  • An extra half hour sleep Sunday night?
  • Do something you love Sunday evening to end your weekend well?
  • Some kick a** songs to get your day started?
  • Buy coffee (or whatever the order of choice is) for the person behind you in the drive through – quickest way to un-grumpy yourself!
  • Pllan something fun on Mondays so that it gives you something to look forward to.

I for one, love Mondays. I want everyone else to, too. Can you tell?!

Some fun Monday facts:

  • If you were born on a Monday, Mother Goose seems to think you’re ‘fair of face’.
  • Blue Monday started way back when…this day was set aside for laundry and ‘bluing’ was used to whiten clothes. It’s stuck obviously, as people have adapted it to describe the beginning of their work week.
  • I’ve heard Mondays is the best day to buy a car – sales people are more willing to give more discounts because it’s not a high traffic day.
  • Long weekends are usually extended on which day? Mmhmm – Mondays.

Don’t be such a hater!


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