7 Apples on A Saturday Night | That’s My Mom

7 Apples on a Saturday Night

My mom is here this weekend, meaning I get to celebrate Mother’ s Day with her, a very rare occasion! As we talk and reminisce about our family and our antics, I think it’s only fitting to share some of those stories with you so you can get to know her a little bit.

7 Mom Apples

(in no particular order)

1. She’s a hard worker. Even though she could have ‘retired’ a long time ago, she doesn’t. Her clients rely on her consistency and skill, and after almost 30 years working with some of them they have become like family. That’s my mom.

2. The time has come when some of my parents’ friends and siblings are passing away. Recently one of my dad’s golf buddies passed away when my dad was out of town. Mom took a tray of food over to the family. That’s my mom.

3. My daughter is in Junior High and has been in her school’s drama productions all 3 years. The plays are always sold out, 3 nights in a row every year. My mom has driven down to see my girl perform each and every year. It’s a 6 hour drive – one way. That’s my mom.

4. Mom and I have had a ritual for the past 20 years that has created some pretty special memories. Every July we meet in Edmonton and go to “The Ex”. We have a long, leisurely lunch and watch the horse races and then we go wander the grounds, check out exhibits and all the goods for sale…hot cinnamon donuts, fudge, you know – the good stuff! Laughter and silly moments. The entire day – a gift to me. That’s my mom.

5. It doesn’t matter how old a child is, there are times when no one else will do. When I was a baby, she changed my diaper, fed me and loved me. As an adult, I’ve had her support as she’s been there to walk me through surgeries, my son’s cancer, job loss…and for my dream building too. She came and stayed with my kids this past February so I could go fulfill a dream and get certified as a trainer/coach/speaker. That’s my mom.

6. I was a saucy, sassy thing when I was young. My mom taught me a thing or two about respect – how to show it and how to gain it. Disrespect was a very dirty word in our house, something that was not tolerated. She would punish to the full extent of the law – in our household at least. That’s my mom.

7. My friends enjoy my mom’s company and usually try to get a visit in when she’s here. When I was away in February and she was here  looking after my kids, one of my friends came and took her out for coffee…because she’s my mom.

I don’t take for granted that I am blessed beyond measure to still have my mom, nor do I take for granted her goodness and mercy towards me. I’m sure you can pick out some pretty cool character traits as you read through my 7 Apples – traits that have been an example to me as I reflect on all I’ve learned from her.

I know not everyone has a ‘best mom story’, so I can only be grateful and humbled to have the wonderful person who is Connie as my beloved mama.

That, my dear friends, is my mom.


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