7 Apples on a Saturday Night | Instead Of

7 Apples on a Saturday Night

Sometimes I think our focus needs to be shifted a little bit to encompass the ‘other side’ of the coin. Our hearts are in the right place to want our world to do and be better, but often we go at it from the realm of don’ts rather than do’s. Please read this in the spirit it is intended because I too, want our world and the people in it to experience life lived fully.

Instead of:

1) Anti-bullying: Choose pro-kindness (Be Nice or Else!). Focus on being an example of goodness and kindness. Show people how life is done, how to treat each other. Use positive and uplifting words with those around you. Spend time with your kids and let them know they have value. I’ve often said – and this applies to kids and adults alike – that if you don’t get attention the right way, you’ll get it the wrong way. Let’s be attentive where it counts.

2) I have rights ya know! How about an attitude to serve and help? Every human being has the right to be treated with dignity and respect, to be loved and accepted. Let’s try that.

Don't Disrespect

3) Being a no person: Say YES a whole lot more! To yourself when you need some quiet time, to your kids when they request an outing, to telling those close to you that you love them. Did you know that before a child is 18 they hear ‘no’ 500,000 times and ‘yes’ around 40,000? When I suggest saying yes it’s in the context of, “Sure you can go to your friend’s house once your chores are done,” instead of, “No you’re not going, your chores are behind and you’re not going anywhere until they are caught up.” Which one would you respond more positively to? How about, “I really appreciate it when you take the garbage out,” versus “Would it hurt for you to get it to the curb once in your life?”

4) I can’t: How about, “I can try”? As Gretzky says, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. What if you tried? It’s not a stretch to think that we’ll have far more wins when we try than when we shrug our shoulders with a defeatist attitude. The other consideration here is if you have little ones or employees watching you, what are they learning you from you in this regard?

5) Listening to negativity like the news, try stuff like this:

6) Being a Monday hater: Try being excited when you wake up that you’re still alive and have another day to start over, be better, do better. You had to know I’d throw this in here somewhere!

7) Being ungrateful: Make lists of the good stuff. I started writing down 5 things every day that I’m grateful for and it didn’t take very long to realize just how good life actually is. It’s far too easy to see what we don’t have, why bad things happen, at our lowest grade instead of the highest, the one opportunity for growth on a review instead of the raving report the rest of it is.

Life is a gift and with every breath we are given an opportunity to be and do better. No more looking over your shoulder, your best lies ahead. ~ Unknown


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