7 Apples | If Today Was Your Last Day

7 Apples on a Saturday Night

None of us really want to consider it, but what if? What if today was your last day? What kinds of thoughts cross your mind? I know, I know. Why so morbid, Shandra? I think I’m kind of in a mode of recognition that we just never know. I want to know that I enjoyed moments and relaxed – of course! But I also want to know that I lived my life to the fullest, kept my heart in the right place, loved more than I hated, gave more than I took…I want to make sure that I make it count and that my memories become ones I can reflect on with peace. I am considering these questions myself and hope that you will do the same. 

Seven questions to ask yourself and consider:

1. What would do?

2. What choices would you make differently?

3. Who would you call?

4. Who would you make it right with?

5. Who would you thank?

6. What song would you listen to…one more time?

7. If you were to write your own eulogy, what would you want to be able to say about yourself?

Okay, so now go do that. What if?

I really, really want to do what they do in this video! Anybody in?

Will you share one idea from the above questions that you’re willing to go do?


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