Treat Others as You Treat Yourself

Never say anything about yourselfHave you ever stopped to really consider the phrase, “Treat others as you want to be treated”? While I believe it to be a powerful statement that is undervalued and overused, there is another thought that niggles at the back of my brain. It’s worked it’s way to the front now I guess, and therefore I write.

What if we were to act towards others as we are currently – at this present moment in time – treating ourselves? What would happen? I know what would happen in my little world and it wouldn’t be all that pretty. My friends wouldn’t hang around for long, that’s for sure. They deserve to be valued a whole lot better than that! Okay, let me just note right here that I’ve worked very diligently this past year to change that. I have made huge progress!

It’s a very tell tale measure when you look at the whole idea of how you treat and value people through the eyes of how you value yourself. Sure I know how to take care of myself – my hair and my makeup – but I’m not referring to the paint on the barn door.

What do you say about yourself, to yourself? Do you take the time to nurture your soul, feed your mind, encourage yourself? Are they words you’d use on your friends and loved ones, your children? Would you talk to them or about them the same way? Better? Worse?

On the flip side, is there a possibility that you look after yourself far better than you treat anyone else in your life? Would you want to be your friend? How would your relationships improve if you took the time to care for those around you like you care for yourself?

Huh. Think on that.

Recommended Reading

“What to Say When You Talk to Yourself” – Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D.

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