“Everybody Hates Me” – Monday

I get such a kick out of people on Mondays. We’ve created a pitiful culture that hates this particular day and we’re quite happy to vocalize it. We even write songs about how horrible Mondays are. I was listening to the radio this morning and the typical, “Manic Monday” came on. Others that come to mind: “Rainy Days and Mondays”, “Monday Monday”, “Blue Monday”. The list goes on.

Do you really want to spend your life hating Mondays? Do you know how many days that is to the average person? If you live to 75 and assume there are 52 Mondays every year, that’s 3,900 – let me repeat that – THREE THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED days you’ve given over to an incredibly stupid mentality…in my humble opinion haha!

To see Mondays from a different perspective, one needs to understand the value of each day we’re alive, not just those precious and idolized weekends. You don’t know when your Mondays will end. For those of us who have experienced job loss, Mondays become entirely valuable, don’t they?

I think you can choose to have a great Monday. Or not. A paid workday on Monday actually allows those with a traditional schedule to have that Saturday and Sunday fun and relaxation, right? And we all know how delightful it is to listen to someone whose outlook is droning and draining, regardless if it’s Monday, Wednesday or Sunday. Again I ask, why succumb to the Monday drone? I believe this sad and sorry outlook contributes to the physical and emotional drain a person feels on our beloved Mondays.

Is it worth wasting energy on the whole ‘I hate Mondays’ mindset, or would you rather choose a more cheerful and energizing focus, maybe even what it is you can do to make a difference today, regardless how miniscule it is in your own mind?

I like Monday because it’s a fresh start, a chance to regroup and get back on track. It sets the tone for the week, so if I make it a good day it generally has a ripple effect.

Your captivating attitude, ability to influence and your vital impact on those around you can happen any day, any moment. Think about it and make it a Happy Monday!

Food for Thought:

Love your Mondays – a seventh of your life depends on it!  ~ Shandra


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  1. #1 by shelleyabeyer on October 17, 2011 - 1:58 pm

    Great thoughts on ‘mondays’. I will try not to think of mondays in any negative ways anymore….lol!

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