What the World Needs is More Monkeys

Is it ‘is more monkeys’ or ‘are more monkeys’? The world is singular, so it should be ‘is’, right?

Whatever, that’s not my story line. When I think of things that define a part of who I am, monkeys definitely fit in there somewhere. They make me smile. Why? They smell, they’re mischievous, they’re destructive, they cause trouble….what’s so funny about that? Kind of remind me of my kids! Monkeys are also intelligent for the most part – often have a sense of humour, and when they grin you KNOW you can’t help but respond. Quite hilarious when you think about it. Monkeys show up in all kinds of tv programs and movies simply for their entertainment value.

I relate their character traits to fun loving, cute, endearing and yes, mischievous creatures. My kids’ names all start with ‘M’ so I often preface their names with Monkey. One of my friends has imaginary monkeys living in his head. I keep telling him he should and could write a children’s book with the stories he tells me. Each of his monkeys has a name and a personality…and he makes them come alive in conversation. It’s too much fun. You might think it’s a little strange (okay a lot strange), but man it makes me laugh! Haven’t you ever made monkey noises? Oo hoo oo ah ah ah ee ee ee…

Monkey Business (white one, far left)

As a young girl I adored Curious George, so when he resurfaced a few years ago I was bent on making my kids love him. HA not so much. They had their own characters figured out. Oh well, I bought a little monkey magnet of him, with clothes you could change and a bicycle you could put him on. I crack up when I think of him in his striped pajamas, riding his bike. My son has his own stuffed monkey he calls Monkey Business. See? You automatically think of a trouble maker or prankster with a name like that. Hey, maybe that’s why I like monkeys so much, prankster that I am!

Another friend committed to a group she participates in, to buy something silly that would remind her to laugh and let loose. She found a monkey necklace and of course she gets comments when she wears it, because she’s more the classy type, not given to the silliness a monkey represents. I love it. Every time I see it on her, it’s an instant reminder to smile.

I just think in this world when things are uptight, stressful and intense, we need to revert back to those things that make us laugh. For me, it’s monkeys and all they represent.

What’s YOUR monkey? Don’t forget to take time to enjoy the moment, be silly and let loose.

The world needs more monkeys!

Oh yeah – sock monkeys ROCK.

Food for Thought

“I learned the way a monkey learns – by watching its parents.” Prince Charles


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  1. #1 by shelleyabeyer on September 21, 2011 - 12:25 am

    Shandra my friend….I love your blogs. They make me smile and one day the right someone is going to discover your amazing writing skills and the rest will be history!…love ya girlfriend…..Shelley 🙂

    • #2 by shandracarlson on September 22, 2011 - 1:07 pm

      Your encouragement keeps me going, Shelley. Someday someone will… 🙂

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