Creativity Run Amuck

Do you have a certain sweet spot or room that seems to generate more creativity than anywhere else? Mine seems to be in the bathroom…..while applying my mascara. Yes, it’s odd to me too, but that isn’t what originally went through your mind at the word ‘bathroom’, was it? What’s even more bizarre is that I happened to find an old pic of me actually putting on my make up! Who does that? That, I guess, would be me.

It’s taken a while for me to figure out the trend, but it hit me today while thinking about a current project I was stumped on. I went through the cobwebs of my mind to try and recall some of the other brain waves generated, and came to the conclusion that over the last 6 months some of my most creative and successful ideas sprang to life while applying my makeup. Maybe it’s because the creative process is in full gear when I’m transforming from the ‘before’ to the ‘after’ version of Shandra. Funny, if I’m out and about au naturel, I go unrecognized – true story.

Where does one keep a pen and paper handy in there so as to capture these defining moments?? And no, toilet paper doesn’t count! Last week I was all proud of myself because I generated 3 or 4 blog ideas. Only. To. Forget. Them. Before I ever left the bathroom. I’ve heard many high profile teachers and speakers recommend keeping a pen and paper close at hand at all times, because you never know when an idea will strike. I didn’t really anticipate I’d need to stock up in the ladies’ room. I do have paper strewn everywhere else in the house, so why NOT in there too?

Inspiration, motivation, insight, revelation, creativity – or any other word that breeds those brain waves of yours towards your future – can hit any time, anywhere. Where’s you’re pen and paper? Okay, okay, for those of you who are more techie, where’s your iPad or other gadget of choice? Just keep it away from the water. Deal?

Whatever you do, wherever your sweet spot, just don’t lose out on that great idea because you didn’t write it down and it quickly disappeared into oblivion. It could be anything from a fabulous parenting idea, a topic you want to research, or a volunteer opportunity you want to pursue. It’s simple – never wait, live now!

I’d love to hear where you most often generate ideas that move you to action. Care to share?

Food for Thought:

“Goals in writing are dreams with deadlines.” Brian Tracy  (I’m still working on the first part.)

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