Suicide, Pro Sports and Me

Until this past weekend I’d counted 393. Now there are 394. Since the early 1950’s these are professional athletes who have committed suicide. Lives gone, families and communities disrupted, tragedy at a depth few of us know or understand. But in looking at that number, it seems all wrong to me, far too many on […]

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Johnny 5, Hot Coals and My Brain = A Hot Mess!

A few years ago I walked across a bed of hot coals. At first I thought the idea was ludicrous, hokey and rigged somehow, so it required a couple days of solid mental re-framing in order for me to even consider doing it. But far be it from me to miss out on a dare! My pivotal […]

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My Heart Cry for Hope

I find myself sitting here with tears rolling down my cheeks as I watch some of the pre-pre-game stories before the Superbowl this afternoon. I’m not a huge football fan but I try to keep up so I can have conversations with those who are passionate about it, and I do usually watch this particular game […]

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4 Steps to Escaping an Identity Crisis

Just when I think I’m enjoying a moment of peace, this happens. I have an ‘aha’ moment. Don’t ever leave me alone for too long with just my thoughts, k?! Talking about what I identify with becomes an exposé on my life. Just as Shrek says he’s like an onion with many layers to peel back, […]

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It’s Remembrance Day. Keep your snotty nosed kids at home.

Don’t get all mad and self-righteous with me unless you’ve read to the end. Then you can be judgy-judgy if you so desire. I attended my first Remembrance Day Service at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium today with my sea cadet son – mandatory attendance as part of his commitment. I felt honoured to be […]

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5 Words My Ex Uses to Describe Me

Let’s be clear. With any broken relationship comes some element of pain. We are created for connection, not disconnection. The story behind the breakup of my marriage is long and arduous. Some have suggested I need to write a book or screenplay, but I’m not sure I want the ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ element of my […]

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I was told to confess. So I did.

I’m part of this *%&!($%&? writing challenge and write now I’m not so fond of Jeff Goins, the guy leading said challenge. Actually that’s not exactly true but I don’t like how uncomfortable I am with what/how he’s walking us through it. He says that’s a good thing. I know he’s write but it doesn’t mean I […]

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3 Real Reasons You Suck at Life

It takes a person with great courage to look inward and figure out why life isn’t going according to plan. Maybe there’s a measure of success but you know it could be marginally better. Okay, a lot better! Circumstances can be harsh, attitudes can tank and energy can be sucked right out for a period of […]

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Footloose at 50 | and so it is

I dreaded it. For months. Now it’s here. I’m … g-a-g-sputter-choke … wait for it … f-f-fifty. It snuck up on me before I was even ready, dirty rotter! Trying to find some way to accept my fate, my cheesy-ness resorted to coining a unique phrase for my new ‘situation’. These tumbled through my head […]

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What If?

What If for a moment we set reason aside? What If for a brief second our wildest dreams were given permission to surface? In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye… What If … that favourite 3 year old’s phrase. You know what I’m talking about. That annoying, repetitive, unstoppable, groan-inducing question that has the ability to be […]

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